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My Geometry Review Class

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Welcome to My Geometry (first semester)  Review Class          


Susan O. Johnsey           sojohnsey at gmail dot com   


Complete information about the course, the instructor and for

Registration, visit my personal math site, www.mathinabox.com


STUDENTS:  do you need Geometry in order to prepare for the fall?


Create your own 2022 Math Camp! These 2 courses require NO book and are priced each below hundred twenty dollars.


Algebra 1 Review  -  (for those that have already completed Algebra 1)


Geometry first semester REVIEW 

If you are really ambitious then combine this with the second semester geometry course and learn a full year of Geometry in one summer.


A student must know Algebra 1 for this geometry review course.


TEACHERS:   I can customize this course for your students.  What do they need to review for this summer?  

Are the lessons given below good topics for your students?

I can do all the work for you and allow you to watch their progress in the class.


Some of my lessons have links to games or quizzes to complete or play.  

The game/quiz web site is QUIA.   I am the member.   YOU do NOT have to join in order to play.


For Registration and important info please visit my personal math site, www.mathinabox.com



If you are a new student  Click here to watch Video explaining how to begin your first lesson and assignment ( assignments are Lesson Notes in your folder)  then return here.   Scroll down until you see the list of LESSONS.


After you register and pay, please look for emails from me as there are directions in the registration page and in my email.

Send me the 5 bits of info I requested so I can create your account and send you a log-in email.       


Lesson Listing for Geometry Review


To RETURN to this LISTING  just click the WIKI tab above.   Do you see it on the left side above?


Lesson Name

Each lesson  contains an assortment of examples, drills and diagrams. Some lessons also have videos and short quizzes.  I assess each student's understanding of the topic on each lesson.

Online Lessons

to read and learn.

Your Lesson Notes

Scores between 20 and 40 points are given for each Lesson Note. 

Lesson 1 Points, Lines and Planes

Lesson 1

Lesson Notes 1 
Lesson 2 Rays, Segments,  and Length   FREE  

Lesson 2

Lesson Notes  2
Lesson 3 Angles and Rays

Lesson 3

Lesson Notes 3

Lesson 4 Angle Addition and Measuring Angles

Lesson 4

Lesson Notes 4 

Lesson 5  MORE on Planes, Lines and their Points

Lesson 5 Lesson Notes 5 

Lesson 6   IF- Then Statements, Converses, and Bi-Conditionals

Lesson 6

Lesson Notes 6 

Lesson 7  Special Pairs of Angles

Lesson 7

Lesson Notes 7 

Lesson 8 Perpendicular Lines 

Lesson 8

Lesson Notes 8 

Lesson 9 More on Congruent Angles, Supplementary and Complementary Angles 

Lesson 9

Lesson Notes 9 
Lesson 10  Parallel Lines and their Angles    FREE  
Lesson 10 Lesson Notes 10 
Lesson 11 Classifying Triangles by sides and angles Lesson 11 Lesson Notes 11 
Lesson 12 Angles of Polygons  FREE   Lesson 12

Lesson Notes 12

TEST 1  (100 points) 

Lesson 13  Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

Lesson 13 Lesson Notes 13 
Lesson 14   Congruent Polygons
Lesson 14 Lesson Notes 14 
Lesson 15  Congruent Triangles Lesson 15  Lesson Notes 15
Lesson 16 Parallelograms and Trapezoids
Lesson 16 Lesson Notes 16 
Lesson 17 Do We Have a Parallelogram? Lesson 17 Lesson Notes 17 
Lesson 18 Special Quadrilaterals  FREE   Lesson 18

Lesson Notes 18 


Lesson 19 Inverses, Contrapositives and more Converses
Lesson 19  Lesson Notes 19 
Lesson 20 Will the 3 Segments Create a Triangle? Lesson 20 Lesson Notes 20 

Lesson 21  Slopes of Lines

Lesson 21 Lesson Notes 21 
 Lesson 22 Nets and Surface Area-   still in  development
Lesson 22
Lesson Notes 22
 Test on Lessons 14 to 21

Test 2 (100 points)  

Lesson of REVIEW quizzes for you school exam (optional)    





  My courses range in price from $90 to $180.  

  Most courses offer a few Free Lessons.

    Algebra 1A   (first semester of Algebra 1)

    Algebra 1B   (second  semester of Algebra 1)

The above classes are for those interested in Algebra 1, but a Review course is available below.

    Algebra 2A   (first semester of Algebra 2)  

    Algebra 2B   (second  semester of Algebra 2) also good preparation for Precalculus

The above classes are for those interested in Algebra 2.  You must remember Algebra 1.  You may want to consider the Review course below.

    Geometry      (first semester)

    Geometry     (second semester)

The above 2 classes are for those interested in a thorough high school Geometry Course.

Create your own 2022 Math Summer Camp!


Algebra 1 Review- great for summer review (for those that have already completed Algebra 1) 


Geometry first semester REVIEW  -If you are really ambitious then combine this with the second semester geometry course and learn a full year of Geometry in one summer.




On the right side of these pages you should see a box called the NAVIGATOR

Within the NAVIGATOR box you should find most all that you need in the folders LESSONS and STUDENT.   If you do not see the NAVIGATOR, then along the right side, near the search box above, look for a  small black triangle.  Click it and the NAVIGATOR box will appear.



SUSAN O. JOHNSEY                          WWW.MATHINABOX.COM       mathinabox at gmail dot com